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Polygons measuring spoon

my neighbours have some friends over and they’re chatting in the garden it’s so nice i love hearing people talk and laugh and make dumb jokes it’s so good


i’m really indecisive about my brush settings so i’m almost constantly changing them lmao, but uh!
here are some of my current settings


I’m not sure if I’ve completely buried my true self, or completely exposed it.


Yeah Southern Gothic is the best thing since sliced bread but do you know what I wanna see more of? Southwestern gothic. Creepy desert towns, alien lore and unexplained lights, bones and spurs and burnt-our oak scrub everywhere. Cattle rancher blood feuds, neo-Apache and postmodern-Navajo mythology, Spanish architecture and Americana dreams in equal states of crumbling disrepair. Californian curses and New Mexican ghost towns and long stretches of road with nothing but the deceptive moon or hazy heat mirages for company.

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