*ଘ(  • ुᴗ•) ु* ੈ✩‧₊ since kaworu aint too familiar with lilin i bet he goes to rei for advice a bunch

*rei has to put up with this on both sides

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead - Stars

in that instant it started to pour,
captured a taxi despite all the rain
we drove in silence across pont champlain

Anonymous stuttered: I notice that you get accused of cheating a lot, but I was curious, how do you feel about artists who do the things you often get accused of doing? Like tracing or smudging photos? You never seem very worried about defending yourself or giving proof to people, which tells me that maybe you don't think it's a terribly bad thing to be accused of that stuff.


It’s totally not bad. Photomanipulation is a legit artform that requires a ton of skill and a lot of hard work. I’m impressed as hell by people who can do it well.

But in my experience, haters don’t think that way. They just want to take you down a notch, and “You traced!” is an easy way to do that. Which is stupid because any artist knows that tracing doesn’t replace skill.

As for people who misrepresent themselves? I understand it, but it’s still frustrating. I don’t know why people don’t just say what they do. If you smudge a photo, then just say it, you know? I don’t know why people are afraid of being proud of the work they do. Probably because society has us all brainwashed about what “real art” is supposed to be. We think talent is a magical thing that falls out of the sky at random instead of being something that an individual can earn—and therefore deserve. We don’t like to believe that other people deserve something if we can’t deserve it, too, you know?

That’s why misrepresenting yourself because you think one form of art is more legit than another makes life harder for all of us. Because you’re just widening that chasm. You’re just one more voice telling everyone that not all art is valid and that not everyone deserves to be able to make art or define art for themselves.

So we end up with more and more people who have unrealistic ideas of what art is supposed to look like. Which means you end up with more haters.

It’s a rotten cycle, and it shouldn’t be that way. Art isn’t exclusive.

As for defending myself, I don’t go out of my way because it’s not worth my time.

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a little love story about mermaids and tattoos



i love GIRLS and i love when girls LOVE THEMSELVES and i love when girls LOVE OTHER GIRLS and this is so AMAZING 


Spirited Away (2001) dir. Hayao Miyazaki


teen ame warm up “doodle” i wound up coloring and bloooo


I loved you not because of the reasons you think I did

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